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Reinventing the way health data is utilized

HippocrAItes aggregates health data to a secure data vault and provides smart tools for doctors to improve healthcare. 

What if health data would be easily available for you and your doctor?

We want to improve healthcare by providing doctors an easy access to patients' full health data, enable automated medical analysis, and give individuals authority to manage access to their own data.

Our platform helps doctors to reduce the time they spend searching for relevant patient data and to build a complete digital twin of the patient.


Don't waste your time searching for patient data

HippocrAites is developing a service, where doctors can easily and securely access patient's health data and obtain a comprehensive view of the patient's health condition.

The platform adapts to the individual information needs of the doctor and the treatment situation. This way, doctors can customize their view to display the information they consider most important such as medical history, lab results, allergies or medications.


Speed up information gathering for better decisions

A well-organized view reduces the doctor's workload in searching for and processing patient's health information. By minimizing the time spent searching for patient data, doctors can focus on patient care.

HippocrAItes enables faster, data-driven decision-making and better consideration of the patient's health condition - leading to better care for patients.

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We store data securely and let the patient decide who can access it

The platform enables access to patient data form a single location, ensuring secure data sharing and better utilization of the information.

To ensure information security, we use authentication methods as strong as those used by banks.

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How did it all begin?

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HippocrAItes was founded in October 2023, when six professionals from various fields decided to combine their strengths to offer a solution that would enable better access to health information - so that patients could be treated better.

Our goal is to give individuals full control over their own health data and to facilitate the use of their data to enable better care. We bring together health information from different sources and provide powerful tools for the medical professionals who work with patients.


We make using health data as effortless as possible so you and your doctor can focus on what matters most

We follow the footsteps of Hippocrates. Some of us are doctors ourselves and know how time-consuming it can be to search for the right and relevant information. There is a lot of health data, but it is not easily accessible and is fragmented across multiple systems. Finding essential information can take an enormous amount of time.

We strongly believe in evidence-based practice and the utilization or data. Numerous studies show that better accessibility and usability of health information benefits both doctors and patients. Our mission is to make patients' health information better and more accessible - and through better information, enable personalized patient care. That's why we wanted to create a solution that consolidates fragmented information from various sources into one place - for the benefit of both you and your doctor. We offer a platform that enhances the use of health and wellness information, making doctors' work easier and more efficient, and enabling better patient care.

HippocrAItes aims to provide a user-friendly service that ensures doctors have immediate access to the health information they need most in patient encounters. This not only streamlines the doctor's work but also significantly improves the quality of care. The platform consolidates health information into a secure repository, facilitates data analysis, and enhances the doctor's work by reducing the time spent searching for information and providing a better overall view of the patient.